Report FAQs

When is a Grant Report due?

The report is due no later than one year from the date of the grant agreement letter, or once the funds are used, whichever comes first. If a group is re-applying for funding, we need to have a grant report in before we can provide another grant.

How should a group send the Grant Report to NEGEF?

Emailing the Report is fine. Please do not email lengthy reports and/or large attachments (i.e. over 500mb in size). Mailing hard copies is also fine — though not preferred. Please do not fax your report.

What does NEGEF do with the Grant Report?

The Grant Report helps NEGEF staff better understand the challenges of community organizing. It also offers grantees a structured format to give staff feedback about the NEGEF grant programs. The detailed use of NEGEF funds is a critical part of the Report. The Grant Reports are an integral part of NEGEF’s accountability to our funding partners. It helps us prove that we are responsible grantmakers providing a valuable service to the New England grassroots community.

What should a group do about the Grant Report if it hasn’t used up the full grant within a year?

The group should fill out an interim report one year after the original deadline. Complete the regular Grant Report form, note that it is an interim report, and include whatever budget information is appropriate. Then, once the grant is fully expended, submit the final Grant Report. This report should include a complete budget breakdown on the use of NEGEF funds.

What should a group do if it doesn’t need the full grant to achieve stated goals?

The group should fill out a final Grant Report and return the remaining money to NEGEF by check. Then we will use the funds to support other grassroots groups in New England!

How many times can a group receive NEGEF funding?

That depends. There is no set limit. However, NEGEF rarely provides grants to one group more than four times (and in the case of Seed grants it tends to be 2 times). Factors that go into this decision include: whether or not the group is changing and growing, or if it is applying for the same project; whether or not NEGEF is the only source of funding or if NEGEF is one of a (growing) number of sources; and the specific use/need for funding. If you are unsure whether or not your group should apply again, please don't hesitate to .