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[Being a community grant reader] has complemented so much of my organizing work, expanded my network of movement makers, and given me a wider imagination of what's possible and already going on in the region. It's huge motivation to keep doing my local work - in fact, it's begun to feel like an essential part of it. (Fall '22 Community Grant Reader)

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Join as a Community Grant Reader! 

We need your perspectives in our decision-making process. As a reader, you:

  • reflect on biases and review practices that center equity;
  • share comments on pending applications to help shape staff review questions; 
  • suggest resources/connections for applicant groups; 
  • provide input on the Grassroots Fund's guiding practices and how we all can further operationalize & center equity and environmental justice across the region. 


Anyone interested in environmental and social justice in New England, who is committed to upholding and co-evolving the Grassroots Fund's Guiding Practices.


The Grassroots Fund's participatory grantmaking process transforms the traditional funder-applicant structure in which one person, or a small group of people with money, make all the decisions. We believe in supporting those closest to environmental and social problems to determine their own solutions. We believe that including a wide range of knowledge and lived experience leads to more just funding outcomes.
Participating as a reader is about more than decisions in pending applications. We believe the process of application review allows participants to reflect on their own biases and practices towards equity and justice. Those reflections and experiences help us further evolve the guiding practices and scoring rubrics used throughout the process. 
Within the environmental justice philanthropic sector, we serve as an advocate for democratized, equitable grantmaking practices that lower barriers to communities most affected by environmental and social degradation. 


Grow grant program deadlines are on the third Tuesday of March and September. Readers generally have a 3 week window to review 4 to 15 applications (depending on availability) and share comments, suggestions and their application rubric scores. On average, each application takes about 45 minutes to review and complete an online rubric. A grantmaking committee - 12 members from the New England grassroots community - is then tasked with reviewing reader and staff scores and comments and making final decisions about funding levels. 


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