Explore Each Practice

The Guiding Practices inform the Fund's priorities in programming, grantmaking, and strategic planning. The Practices are rooted in a commitment to undoing the systems that cause social and ecological harm.

The Grassroots Fund's work focuses on deepening the rootedness of the environmental justice in the region. The Guiding Practices are about expanding and firmly grounding this environmental justice movement.

At the core, the Practices have us consider how decisions are made and who we believe has the right or authority to make those decisions. We believe that these interventions are not only values-aligned, but also necessary to building resilient solutions to the multiple crises we face. Facing the bias that prevents us from working with people of diverse perspectives is a necessity for creating a more socially and ecologically just world.

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  • Centering Just Transition

    Integrate ecological and social justice in your vision for your community.

  • Shifting Power in Decision-making

    Practice group governance that intentionally shares power.

  • Equity in Participation

    Support the fullest of all community members.

  • Accessing Resources

    Transform the culture of sourcing and managing resources in your community.

  • Rooted Innovation

    Set priorities informed by the whole community, rather than a small group