Our Contact Info

Organization's full name:

New England Grassroots Environment Fund, Inc.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 611
Newmarket, NH  03857

Office locations:

Central/Main Office
Newmarket, NH 03857
603 905 9915

Satellite office
Burlington, VT
802 279 3936

Pop-Up Offices:

Grassroots Fund staff can come to you!  During a Pop-up Office, Grassroots Fund spends a few days in a location where we can connect and talk to grassroots organizers and partners. Click here to learn more about our Pop-Up Offices. 

Let's be Social:

[email protected]

Staff Email Directory:

Julia Dundorf, she/her - Executive Director: [email protected]
Tess Beem, she/her - Program Manager: [email protected] 
Abby Burkland, they/them - Program Manager: [email protected]
Diana Fontaine, she/her - Program Manager: [email protected] 
Sarah Huang, she/her - Director of Learning: [email protected] 
Chetana Parmar, she/her - Program Assistant: [email protected] 
Kayla Patel, she/her - EGA fellow: [email protected]
Shane Rogers, he/him - Strategic Communications & Network Weaver: [email protected]
Bart Westdijk, he/him - Director of Operations: [email protected]