Community of Practice Series

Each Community of Practice is designed to help participants workshop and implement a practice within their group or their work. The intention is to build a virtual space where organizers have a chance to get to know each other, connect, listen to and share challenges and ideas, and to co-create values-driven interventions that work for their groups or communities. 

By signing up for a Community of Practice, you are agreeing to be a part of all 4 calls with this group via video conferencing (Zoom).

  • Equity in Participation: Furthering the Accessibility of Your Work

    June - August 2020

    We will dive deeper into ways to create opportunities for people and groups to work with others outside of your regular networks, as well as how to recognize and address barriers to participation. 

    Questions? Contact: Tess Beem

  • Rooted Solutions: Building Solutions within Your Community Context

    June - August 2020

    We will take a deeper look into asset/power mapping as strategies for considering strengths that exist in your community context and as processes for creating and deepening community relationships. 

    Questions? Contact: Diana Fontaine