October 2018

Tips for Grassroots Groups: Year-end Cultivation, Stewardship and Solicitation

Janet Wilkinson

The end of the year is a great time to look both back and forward, to both ask for support and to celebrate those who have already given. It’s not too late to produce some end of year activities related for your group! First, decide on your goal. Are you trying to ask for donations from those who already know about you? Encourage new donors and/or volunteers to join you?

NH and RI Catalyst Conversations - report and photos

Janet Wilkinson

Participants at both events shared that they appreciated the informal networking time with like-minded community members. Others were glad to have had the space for for new and critical thinking about where we are and where we can be headed. Many said they left the event with new collaborative ideas, and new resources and energy to grow their current projects or bring new ones to life. The critical feedback included

Getting to Know Program Manager Tess Beem

Janet Wilkinson

Tess Beem joined us as the Events and Seed Grants Program Manager this past summer. We caught up with her recently to learn more about her, her role at Grassroots Fund, and to hear plans for the upcoming RootSkills Conference.