Grassroots action requires grassroots investment

Janet Wilkinson

December 26, 2018

Dear Friend:

Thousands of grassroots initiatives across New England are leading transformational efforts in their communities every day. Utilizing volunteer power and very little funding, they are identifying needs, experimenting with solutions, learning lessons, and accomplishing their objectives. They are finding each other – across issue areas or across community lines - and sharing notes. Together we can make these continued successes possible; we hope you will join us as a donor before 2018 draws to a close.

Help us grow this regional grassroots movement for social and environmental justice! Your donation today will be matched in full through a generous challenge grant from the Thomas W. Haas Fund of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

The path of a grassroots group is not an easy one. They are inherently in flux because of a lack of staffing and limited resources. Governance structures and decision-making processes have to adapt to the complexities of local organizing and open participation. Many groups are working at the intersection of environmental and social justice, which means that their goals can sometimes seem at odds. Local-driven grassroots projects usually lack formal budgets and strategic plans, and often don’t have clear models from which to emulate (which may be seen as a disadvantage but also creates a tremendous opportunity to innovate and experiment).

Government resources that support social- and environmental-focused initiatives are continuing to dry up, even as the effects of climate chaos continue to take hold and the stresses from systemic injustices persist. Support opportunities are more plentiful for initiatives that have matured to the point of formalizing their existence and hiring staff, but in the more nascent period when a project is at most risk, the available resources are typically lowest.

The Grassroots Fund is one of the only organizations in New England that’s directly funding grassroots individuals and groups - particularly those who have been marginalized and those that are not formally incorporated - to develop their own solutions to the complex environmental and social justice issues that affect where they live. We help them identify and access the specific tools, resources and connections they need to create healthy and sustainable communities that are better for both people and the planet.

Grassroots action requires grassroots investment. Grassroots investment leads to grassroots action. Can we count on you to join our donor family before 2018 draws to a close? Remember, your donation will be matched in full through a generous challenge grant from the Thomas W. Haas Fund of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Please join us!


Vidya Tikku

Julia Dundorf
Executive Director

PS: We hope this request rises to the top of your giving priorities this year. And if you’ve already donated, please accept our sincere gratitude.

IMAGE: Rootskills Conference 2018 by Future Focus Media Co-op