$220,861 in Grow Grant requests and $120,000 to award. Will you help us grow our grant pool?

Julia Dundorf

Dear Friend:

While we saw so many expressions of systemic racism and inequity at the federal level in 2017, we also saw community organizers working harder and needing more resources than ever. Last year we awarded $576,763 in grants, our most ever and a 33% increase over 2016 (see our newly published 2017 Annual Report for details). Those grantee groups represent ever-increasing diversity across areas of race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, and age, indicating progress in our efforts to serve those who are most often marginalized in mainstream movements. Will you join our Spring Appeal to help expand our 2018 grant pool by $20,000, so that we can continue to respond to their needs?


Among our resource offerings for grassroots groups are three grant programs; SeedGrow and Young Adult Leader. The Young Adult Leader grants have already been awarded for 2018, and the Seed and Grow grants – Seed grants being quick turnaround applications for groups seeking $1,000 or less, and Grow grants being twice per year application cycles for more established groups seeking up to $3,500 – are ongoing. To illustrate demand, our current round of Grow applicants is collectively requesting $220,861, and we have $120,000 to award.  

Your support could enable a group like Aspir International, located in New Hampshire, which received a grant in January to purchase electric fencing and farm supplies for refugee and immigrant farmers, many of whose families are low income and can’t qualify for loans. Or it might fund a new project like that of Franklin County Continuing for Political Revolution, which received a 2017 Grow Grant to bring renewable energy options to 26 communities within Franklin County, Massachusetts. Read more stories about grantee groups.

If you are familiar with our work, you’ve probably noticed our strong focus on equity. This applies to our philanthropic values as well; we are committed to creating a more balanced income portfolio with funding based on the solidarity of the many, rather than the generosity of the few. We want to provide meaningful opportunities for all individuals to contribute to community-based change, and we invite you to become a co-philanthropist by participating in OUR collective work.

We are here to help you invest in what you believe most strongly in – any amount makes a difference! We hope you will become part of our family of donors today.

In solidarity,

Vidya Tikku

Board President


Julia Dundorf

Executive Director


PS: All donations to this campaign will be matched dollar for dollar by the You Have Our Trust Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation! That means for each dollar you contribute to this campaign, we’ll receive another dollar toward our general fund, which supports our Rootskills Training Programs, Catalyst Conversations, and much more.