Planning Committee

The Grassroots Fund is comitted to participatory/democractic decisionmaking processes across our grantmaking and skillsbuilding programs. We work to bring together a broad range of lived experiences as we plan and design the RootSkills Training Series. We invite community organizers, students, non profit colleagues, funder partners and sustainable business people to apply to be on the planning committee for each of our RootSkills in-person trainings. 

Committee members plan and create a meaningful, engaging program and are responsible for helping: 

  • Review and add to the learning objectives for each RootSkills track;

  • Review (open call) workshop proposals and select workshop trainers that best further learning objectives; 
  • Recruit sponsor organizations and exhibitors;
  • Spread the word about the RootSkills Trainings.

Planning Committee Members are asked to attend several 60-minute planning meetings via Teleconference/Webinar in months preceding events. All planning committee members receive free admission to the RootSkills Training. Please indicate your interest in joining an upcoming planning committee by registering through our PARTICIPATE form. 

2018 December RootSkills conference planning committee

We are extremely grateful to have over 25 volunteers planning committee members help plan this event!

Ahmad Abojaradeh----------- Life in My Days

Benjamin Echevarria--------- The Welcome Project

Carol Oldham------------------ Mass Climate Action Network

Cheryll Holley------------------ Nipmuc Indian Development Corp

Chris Humphries----------------- Worcester Regional Environmental Council

Claire B.W. Miller---------------Toxics Action Center

Colin Novick-------------------- Greater Worcester Land Trust

David McMahon--------------- Commonwealth/Worcester Green Low-Income Housing Coalition

Isa Mujahid--------------------- CT-CORE, Grassroots Fund board member

Judith Diamondstone-------- Renewable Energy Worcester

Judy Robinson----------------- Coming Clean

Kathy Engle-Dulac------------ The Institute for Community Research

Kristen Sykes------------------- Appalachian Mountain Club

Lisa Fernandes ---------------- Food Solutions New England

Lynn Stoddard------------------ Sustainable CT

Mark Allegrini------------------- Sustainable CT

Mary Jones---------------------- Toxics Action Center

Maya Winfrey------------------- COOP Power

Nyaruot Nguany---------------- Maine Emerging Environmental Changemakers

Olivia Griset--------------------- Maine Emerging Environmental Changemakers

Paige Nygaard----------------- Maine Emerging Environmental Changemakers

Pat Barnosky-------------------- Worcester Regional Environmental Council

Sally Milius----------------------- Grow Windham

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