CROs Take Flight

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Community Resilience Organizations (CROs) are local teams that engage residents and town leaders in climate adaptation, disaster preparedness and hazard mitigation, while strengthening local collaboration and social cohesion. CROs break down community silos by bringing together a diverse mix of stakeholders involved in resilience and hazard mitigation: emergency management, conservation, social services, government and more. Through an annual Day for CROing and ongoing projects, teams engage youth and the broader community to collaborate on critical projects that will make the town stronger and safer, simultaneously celebrating local spirit and building community.

Ready to Replicate?

Interested in exploring how to take on a CRO project and launch a similar initiative in your community? In addition to visiting, here are some resources that will get you started:

Learn about the local groups leading Community Resilience Organizations in VT:

Community Resilience Self-Assessment Tool: Use the community resilience self-assesment tool to benchmark where your community is at with resilience and to find out what can be done to improve community resilience.

NEGEF Funding

NEGEF’s Seed & Grow grant programs are available to help launch and sustain your CRO project. Funds can be used for outreach materials and meeting expenses. Funds can also go towards a coordinator stipend (especially for more established projects that are seeing increased need for coordination) or needs related to the annual day of CROing, etc. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need some feedback on your project (ideas). We’re here to help and can connect you with other groups and resources!