Great Bay Time Bank

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Stephanie Beck is part of the all-volunteer community group behind the Great Bay Time Bank. Stephanie has worked with several non-profits professionally and as a board member/volunteer. She also ran her own business for several years and is currently the Executive Director for On Belay. Stephanie gave her PEP Talk as part of the 2013 RootSkills Training & Networking Event

Ready to Replicate?

Interested in exploring how to launch a Time Bank in your community? In addition to Great Bay Time Bank’s group profile and website, here are some resources that will get you started:

This website provides an online platform to manage your community’s Time Bank. The annual membership fee depends on the number participants in your Time Bank and runs from $25 up to $900 if you have more than 800 members. In addition to a membership directory, giving an overview of Time Banks across the country, and a Knowledge section with list of articles related to Time Banking, an overview of coordinator calls and trainings and more, the Action Hub has very specific resources on starting a Time Bank with sample memberships forms, guidebooks, etc.

Dane County Time Bank

This is an example of a Time Bank operating in Dane County (WI). The website has Tools for TimeBankers and video tutorials for people interested in Getting Started as time bank participants.

NEGEF Funding

NEGEF’s Seed & Grow grant programs are available to help launch and sustain your Time Bank project. Funds can be used for outreach materials to raise awareness, for a coordinator’s time in organizing the Bank and connect with other groups and organizations, for creative project related expenses, etc.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need some feedback on your project (ideas). We’re here to help and can connect you with other groups and resources!