Harvest Grants

Harvest Grant Program

The Grassroots Fund believes that the issues hindering the creation of a just sustainable community are intrinsically interwoven. For far too long many have falsely separated said issues. By doing so, both the social justice and environmental justice movements have been weakened. In an effort to remedy this, the Grassroots Fund believes that we as a community need to approach programs and solutions with a holistic, co-creation mindset, that values all lives, the natural systems, and resources that give us life, we call this the “whole communities approach”. The Harvest Grant Program aims to serve as a bridge between the environmental justice and social justice movements.

Harvest grants continue to honor the idea that many groups are most effective in their work as an ad-hoc entity, while also acknowledging that they may need a boost to grow, innovate and deepen diverse community connections. The combination of Seed, Grow and Harvest level grants supports grassroots groups throughout all phases of growth – from a start-up to a holistic community effort to establishing a longer-term presence in ‘creating and maintaining healthy, just, safe and environmentally sustainable communities’. Harvest grantees also serve as valuable resources to the grassroots community by sharing their innovations and learnings with other grantees and applicants through the RootSkills Training Series, RootShare and RooTalk, the Grassroots Fund blog– ‘harvesting’ wisdom and successes.

Overall Program Goals:

  • Increase civic engagement, volunteerism, emerging leaders and community initiatives that create healthy, just, safe and environmentally sustainable communities at the neighborhood and town level in New England.
  • Establish and maintain informed networks of activists across the region that are committed to building a just and equitable society by bridging environmental justice and social justice concerns.
  • Encourage the growth and sharing of projects that combine both social justice and environmental justice values.
  • Help to experiment and ‘glean’ new ideas and approaches to building more just and equitable communities.

Grant Range:

- $5,000- $7,500

Harvest Youth Grant 

It is the belief of the Grassroots Fund that the involvement and leadership of young adults in environmental justice community organizing is a critical component in fulfilling the Grassroots Fund’s mission of creating sustainable communities. The Harvest Youth Grant seeks to support this belief by empowering youth-led initiatives that allow young adults to design, lead, and engage a community-based effort from inception.

Harvest Eligibility Criteria:

  • Is a past grantee or established group with at least 2 years of project history;
  • Is volunteer-driven or has no more than 2 full-time paid staff (or equivalents);
  • The proposed project has an annual operating budget of $175,000 or under
  • Is doing community based work in CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, or VT

Preference is given to projects that:

  • align with the Grassroots Fund Guiding Values,
  • incorporate Grassroots Fund issue areas, and are youth-led. The Grassroots Fund defines youth led projects as:
  • efforts led by young adults between the ages of 15-25 years old;
  • existing projects that are seeking to substantively incorporate youth into governance and program design/delivery

Application Process

Applications completed by a young adult involved with the project are strongly encouraged. Before submitting an application, all applicants must submit a 1-2 page letter of inquiry (LOI). The LOI must include:

  • Group name and lead organizer contact information
  • Project goal
  • How the project aligns with the Grassroots Fund mission
  • Project budget



  • March 12- LOI Deadline & Grant Making Committee (GMC) Application Deadline
  • March 26- Application Deadline & GMC Training
  • March 26th - April 9th -GMC Grant Review


  • April 23- May 4th- Applicant Interviews


  • May 4th- 13th GMC Scoring
  • May 14th GMC Review Meeting 


Click here to submit a Letter of Intent for the Harvest Youth Grant.


Click here to submit a Final Report for the Harvest Youth Grant.