Partner Funding Opportunities

The Grassroots Fund collaborates with our funding and non-profit partners to develop shared pools of funding that are dispersed through the Grassroots Fund’s existing grant making process. The goals of Partner Funding Opportunities are to provide additional funding for grassroots groups working on important areas of identified need or opportunity, particularly those groups that have not previously had access to resources, and to assist funding and non-profit partners in utilizing a democratic grant making process through the Grassroots Fund’s democratic grantmaking framework and online system.  

Current Partner Funding Opportunities: 

For Grassroots Groups:

If you are interested in applying for a Partner Funding Opportunity, please read the fund goals to see if your effort aligns. You may then apply through our regular Seed, Grow, or Harvest application process and will need to select the checkbox on the application to indicate that you are applying through a Partner Funding Opportunity.

For Funders & Non-Profit Organizations:

If you are interested in developing a Partner Funding Opportunity or contributing to an existing Fund with either dollars or resources, please review our Partner Packet and contact Laura Flagg to discuss ([email protected]).