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Support critical analysis and communication skills. Process guides also offer insight into organizing strategies, group management skills, personal leadership styles and collective impact approaches.

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Steve's Weave

Steve's Weave is the first-ever green listings website.

There's never been a recognized place for the entire green community to get together – and Steve's Weave intends to become that place.  A place where we can gather the incomparable energies of green advocates – energies greater than anything coming out of the ground, any day – and use them to do great things.  

At Steve's Weave you can:

Why Civic Skills Matter - The Story of Change

Annie Leonard takes viewers through an inspiring exploration of what effective changemaking has looked like through history and shares the things you’ll find whenever people get together and change the world: a big idea, a commitment to working together, and a whole lot of action. She also let’s viewers know that making change will take all kinds of people and offers a series of changemaker identities. Understand the importance of civic skills and let get inspired to train our Citizen Muscle!

Stages and Challenges of Group Development

This PDF describes one model of the way that many groups develop and the problems and challenges that are likely to arise at various stages. It encourages leaders to assess where their own organizations stand, among the stages and helps them judge which of the challenges they’re currently facing are “developmentally determined,” as it were, and what challenges they may expect in the future.