Equity in the food system - how what we are building and what we are fighting are inseparable in resistance


Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 12:00pm


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As the Northeast coordinates to build a regional food system, a central focus is on racial equity.  In communities all across the region, groups are working on food justice.  In this webinar, we will hear from 2 organizers: Isa Mujahid (CTCORE-Organize Now!, Bridgeport CT) and Heather Foran (community organizer, Portland ME). Through their grassroots efforts in their communities, Heather and Isa both are actively transforming the New England food system and raising and reflecting on struggles, challenges and questions to guide future work. This webinar creates space to share some of the questions and reflections.  

Join us to hear more about their efforts to engage community, their questions and challenges and practical perspectives to support the emergence and continued viability of a New England food system that is a resilient driver of healthy food for all, racial equity, sustainable farming and fishing and thriving communities. As we pull in examples from groups like Cooperation Jackson, this webinar focuses on some of the questions and opportunities local organizers are grappling with, invites participants to share in the conversation and ideally has us all bring back questions to our own efforts about how our collective work integrates concepts of social justice and racial equity. 

Isa Mujahid, founder of CTCORE (Community Organizing for Racial Equity) - Organize Now!, is a native of Bridgeport, Connecticut. CTCORE-Organize Now! is committed to reducing racial inequities through a combination of racial justice programming and community organizing. Isa has been involved in community organizing in Connecticut for almost 15 years. He began his work with ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) in Bridgeport and later organized with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) of Connecticut and FaithActs for Education in Bridgeport. Food justice is a new area and issue for Isa, and he is eager to learn how to best lead and develop leaders to build a powerful food justice movement in Connecticut.

Heather Foran is a graduate of Williams College and is completing a Masters degree in Transformative Leadership and Applied Organizational Development through Prescott College. She lives in Portland, ME, where she organizes permaculture garden installation work parties. Heather loves to play Ultimate Frisbee, cross country ski next to the ocean, cook with friends, and discover creative ways to grow food in the city.