Portland (ME) Permablitzing

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Grassroots Fund grantee group The Resilience Hub organizes a permablitz on the Eastern Promenade in Portland (ME).  Lisa Fernandes & Heather Foran share more about the work/impact of permablitzing.

Ready to Replicate?

Interested in exploring how to take on a Permablitz project and launch a similar initiative in your community? In addition to The Resilience Hub's group profile and website, here are some resources that will get you started:

Permablitz Melbourne
Started the permablitz model and has published an organizing manual that offers guidance to putting together your own permablitzes.

Permaculture Institute of the North East (PINE)
Offers resources and links and organizes a regional convergence, bringing together various nodes of action across the region.

Permaculture Design Questionnaire
Comprehensive list of questions to consider when engaging with a property/homeowner in a permaculture design effort.

NEGEF Funding

NEGEF’s Seed & Grow grant programs are available to help launch and sustain projects like The Resilience Hub's permablitzes. Funds can be used for materials and tools to initiate a blitz. As mentioned in the video, funds can also go towards a coordinator stipend (especially for more established projects that are seeing increased need for coordination) or outreach materials for events, etc.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need some feedback on your project (ideas). We’re here to help and can connect you with other groups and resources!