Feature Stories

PLAN for Success

The Pipe Line Awareness Network of the Northeast was instrumental in ending Kinder Morgan’s application to build a natural gas pipeline through MA and NH. What made them so successful?

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Riding a Wave of Action

Clean Ocean Access monitors the health of the ocean and beaches around Aquidneck Island, through their Clean, Ocean and Access programs.

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Helping Keep the Gas in the Can

In Boston, MA natural gas made up about a quarter of all GHG emissions in 2013. So BCAN, came up with a new approach to reducing methane in the city and saving consumer dollars in the process.

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From one, many: A garden grew

We all know the old proverb about the mighty oak and the little acorn. Well, in Barrington, RI, that’s pretty much the story of the community garden.

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What’s behind the solar flare-up?

What's behind the boost in solar installations in New England? Well, a study finds one solar installation increases the potential for more installations within 1/2 mile radius by 44%.

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