Recycle a Bike

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Recycle a Bike's Jenna Yu works to connect people with refurbished bikes, provide practical bike knowledge, and advocate bicycle use by safer, more confident cyclists. The group's programs give people in the community an incentive to get on a bike and enjoy the convenience and pleasure of riding around town and on local paths safely.

Ready to Replicate?

Interested in exploring how to take on a Bike Recycle project and launch a similar initiative in your community? In addition to Recycle-a-Bike’s group profile and website, here are some resources that will get you started:

Bike collectives think tank
offers ongoing (and past) online conversations about organizing bike education spaces and tool shares.

is an annual international bike collectives conference that is inspiring and insightful.

League of American Bicyclists
are blazing the trail for bicycle transportation law and education nationally. Folks who are going to be leading kids, large group rides, or are just trying to be confident riders individually can get training from The League. They also offer liability insurance and board/officer insurance for bicycle education organizations.

NEGEF Funding

NEGEF’s Seed & Grow grant programs are available to help launch and sustain projects like Recycle a Bike. Funds can be used for materials and parts to refubish bikes and to set up a work place. Funds can also go towards a coordinator stipend or outreach materials for workshops, etc.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need some feedback on your project (ideas). We’re here to help and can connect you with other groups and resources!