Add your voice and experience

We encourage meaningful participation. This is an open call, and we welcome everybody. We want all community members to have a seat at the table, particularly traditionally marginalized individuals, groups and organizations who have been left out of mainstream movements, and we want perspectives to be valued, heard and considered in decision making. 

Please fill out the form below and click the checkboxes that reflect how you want to add your voice, perspective, skills and experiences, as we all work to make our region truly resilient and sustainable. Make sure to hit submit at the end of the form. 

  • Participate as an application reader

    Become an application reader and add to the diversity of perspectives in our grant review process.

  • Join an event planning committee

    Participate as an event planning committee member and help us design trainings, conferences, and catalyst conversations.

  • Facilitate a webinar/training

    Share your experiences as a grantee and/or your wisdom on a particular topic during a RootSkills webinar or event.

  • Host a house party

    Introduce our work to your network and others in your community by hosting a house party