The Politics of Food Access: A Civic Engagement Panel

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How can we work together to ensure that everyone in our communities has access to healthy, local affordable food?


Perhaps we don't all consider the political consequences of biting into a crisp apple. But in reality, each bite we take is layered with economic, environmental, and social meaning. Join the New England Grassroots Enviroment Fund on April 29, 2017 at the University of Southern Maine from 5:30PM - 6:30PM EST for dinner and a discussion with community organizers, academics, and activists on addressing the environmental justice framework surronding food.


Panelists will discuss what we can do to ensure healthy, local food is accessible to all. From the unequal distribution of food resources,to the intersection of food and public health, to the impact of the current food system (including food miles and food waste) on the environment, panelists will take on these challenging topics and more in 60 minutes.



  • Anna Sommo, Youth Programs Director, Cultivating Community
  • Hannah Semier, Gleaning and FoodDrop Manager, Healthy Acadia
  • Jim Hanna, Executive Director, Cumberland County Food Security Council