Accessing Resources

This practice centers an approach that recognizes that everyone has power and access to resources and can help move those resources to places where they are needed. Many of those resources are non-traditional and include such things as skills, perspectives, space, energy, as well as money. All of these resources need to be valued. The more people see themselves as resource movers, the more transformative efforts can become. 

This practice is about a relationship-based approach to resources: resources are identified, linked, moved, supported, and structured by everyone in the network so that they fit the dynamic nature of the work. This approach reinforces the openness and ‘peerness’ of a collaborative community culture and allows local grassroots work to be transformative.

People in a healthy resource system need to collaborate as peers. The community, organizers, and donors/funders all need to participate in co-designing, co-developing and collaboratively implementing the resource system to make it more effective.  Activists need spaces to interact and make decisions about resources with funders, as peers. This is called collaborative solidarity.  It means working with and supporting grassroots and marginalized communities as communities rather than as individuals or organizations, and beyond just the concept of inclusion.

A healthy resource system requires new structures, platforms, and functions. In addition to new types of funding structures (for example: rapid response funds) that fit the rapid moving, opportunity-based nature of movements, a healthy resource system develops virtual platforms and processes for connecting resources with activist needs, for supporting self-organizing, and for connecting clusters or chapters across different communities so they can learn and strategize together.  

This Summer & Fall we are developing the Guiding Practices by defining specific actions and protocols alongside grassroots organizers. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter below to stay tuned for updates. 

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