York Ready for Climate Action (YRCA)

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York, Maine

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  • Land & Water
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Climate Change & Energy

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Our Purpose

We live in a small seaside town threatened by climate change. We need to increase community awareness of the causes of climate change and advance environmentally sound and inclusive policies and behaviors.  We envision a resilient, healthy, equitable community that respects climate science and all life. York's Climate Action Plan, CAP, developed over the past year by town committees, consultants and 125 local volunteers, reflects these values. We need 501c3 status so we can afford to increase our efforts to inform the community about the CAP.  For York, climate change is an existential issue.Now 4 years old, YRCA has a Board and by-laws. New initiatives and visibility attract new people, energized by positive community feedback and climate worries. We have strong relationships with students, local groups, newspapers, town government and state reps. The goal is a climate savvy population with common energy goals, ideas and actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the main cause of climate warming. Two current offshoots (with their own budgets) are EcoHOMES, which connects residents through monthly initiatives to reduce GHG emissions (today there are 527 active participants) and Waste Reduction and Diversion (WRAD), which promotes energy-wise practices and worked with students to build a permanent composting station at York High School. We look for connections with schools, students, neighborhoods and local groups.