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Dudley Davis


Portland, Maine

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East End Community School has a high poverty rate and a lot of attendance and behavior problems. Students come to school for free breakfast and devour their meals. Many studies recommend children get at least one hour of exercise a day. But in Maine, fewer than one in three kids reach that goal. Rise and Shine is a creative way to tackle childhood poverty, nutrition, and obesity by learning to eat healthy, taking pride in learning in the classroom and moving their bodies playing sports.The YES! Program is a key partner in the East End Community School Rise & Shine program. The Rise & Shine program in Portland Maine began as a before school model of engagement that helps students kick start their day.  Students engage with a caring and charismatic adult to get their minds working and bodies moving at the start of the day.  There are weekly engagements around nutrition and physical activities offered by the Ease End and the YES! Program, with the focus on “Health & Wellness”.This work is fundamental to the YES! Program's mission, which is to provide a positive environment for student athletes by: creating fundamental life experiences and learning opportunities; serving as a primary prevention strategy against substance abuse, gangs and other risk behaviors; building student athletes’ confidence and self-esteem through teamwork and community recognition; and helping student athletes develop effective communication and leadership skills.