Working On Waste

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Katie Lajoie


Sullivan County, New Hampshire

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  • Living Economies

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  • 2000
  • 1999
  • 1998
  • 1997

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Our Purpose

to promote safe alternatives to the Wheelabrator trash incinerator in Claremont, NH. WOW's goals include clean air and a healthy local environment. In the mid-2000s, WOW was instrumental in getting Antioch New England Institute (ANEI) involved in Sullivan County. ANEI helped facilitate meetings that led to development of the Waste Action Collaborative (WAC). ANEI and WAC then worked to develop the Recycling-Based Waste Management Action Plan for the Communities of Sullivan County, NH (2007, Action Plan, copy attached). The Action Plan forms the basis for our grant proposal. The plan calls for a zero waste model where the emphasis is on conserving resources, protecting the environment, and creating jobs. We are at a critical juncture because the incinerator closed in September 2013. This presents a unique opportunity for Sullivan County to shift its practices away from incineration and landfilling to maximum recycling and composting.

Summary of Projects

To provide general support to help WOW promote an alternative waste management system for Sullivan County and to end trash incineration as a disposal method.

To continue efforts to find more ecologically friendly alternatives to waste incinerator in Claremont, NH; to promote recycling and reuse; and to coordinate with communities now receiving the waste ash or sludge from the incinerator.

To support a public campaign to convert the solid waste management focus of the New Hampshire/Vermont Solid Waste Project from incineration to a recycling based program. This grant would permit Working on Waste to expand its networking and organizing activities among the solid waste communities the Project serves.