Worcester Solidarity and Green Economy Alliance

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Boone Shear


Worcester, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies

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  • 2012

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Our Purpose

to create a new world that puts people and the environment before profit. In our view, true ecological and social sustainability can only be achieved through a movement that effectively responds to the harms caused by the present economy as we use the principles of solidarity to build new social and economic foundations. Thus, we propose a green solidarity economy that effectively addresses social inequality and climate change requires action in three areas: 1. Alternative economics-initiatives, enterprises, trade and finance that privilege community and ecological well being over individual gain; 2. Resistance and reform- working against environmental degradation, social inequality, and poverty by improving policies around existing system; 3. Social Inclusion- efforts to end racism, sexism and other forms of oppression and exclusion.

Summary of Projects

The group received a Grow grant in 2012 to convene a 2012 conference and critically improve on conference outreach, planning and follow-up processes from last year's Making a Green Solidarity Economy event.