Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council

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Alicia Lehrer


Providence, Rhode Island

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Land & Water

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to build a strong environmental equity and stewardship culture at the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Academy (The MET) through our student Environmental Leaders (ELs) program, and in turn for ELs to make a meaningful impact on the wider Providence and RI communities.  Through our “Learn One, Do One, Teach One” curriculum, we connect EL youth with the outside world; help youth identify effective avenues to impact and opportunities for action in their neighborhoods and communities related to environmental and environmental justice issues they identify as having an impact on their lives; and we expose them to potential career opportunities. The growing community and culture of the EL group tangibly transforms personal interests in the environment into collective impact, through experiential, project-based learning and skills building, and well wrought paths into community action opened wider and forged stronger year after year. Former ELs now work for and participate in new WRWC and other agency community organizing and leadership programs and education efforts and are pursuing environmental studies in higher education.