Window Dressers Burlington, VT

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Damon Lane


Rockland, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy

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  • Several people work in pairs or individually at many tables attaching plastic film to wood window insert frames, attaching foam around the edges, or building the frames themselves. The room is a two storey high school library.
  • 11 people pose looking through 3 wooden frames for large window inserts that they are holding

Our Purpose

Window Dressers is a Maine-based 501c3 nonprofit that brings volunteers together to improve the warmth and comfort of homes, lower heating costs, and reduce CO2 emissions by producing attractive, low-cost, insulating window inserts that function as interior-mounted storm windows. Our group started the Burlington, VT location and had our first build in 2021.Across all of the Window Dressers locations, energy and cost savings are the goal and people who cannot afford to buy the inserts can get them at no cost and there are goals to produce these no-cost insert at every location, every year. Burlington is more urban than many of the other Window Dressers loctions and almost 65% of the households here are renter occupied. Often renters pay the energy bills but have very limited ability to invest in ways to lower the bills. Window inserts are one way that they can with or without their landlord's involvement.