Western Massachusetts Fibershed

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Amherst, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies

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  • wool skirting party outside with masks
  • two women appreciate a naturally dyed 100% local wool bag
  • three women roll a bolt of locally produced woolen cloth
  • a woman sits under a tent with locally produced woolen yarns and cloth and
  • panelists sitting at a table look at a speaker

Our Purpose

Western Massachusetts Fibershed is an affiliate of the national Fibershed organization. Like the local food movement, Fibershed is building a similar movement for local fiber, clothing, and textiles. Western Massachusetts Fibershed encompasses a 100 mile radius from the Connecticut River Valley to the Berkshires, central Massachusetts, and southern Vermont. We work to develop and expand our local textile supply chain by understanding and strengthening relationships between fiber farmers, spinning mills, weavers, plant-based dyers, designers, and consumers. Our Fibershed also includes knitters, lacemakers, feltmakers, shoemakers, and sewists who seek to create a resilient local economy. We actively collaborate with Fibershed affiliates across the Northeast, and other fiber and textile projects, to build a viable and sustainable regional network. We engage in educational outreach and public events to promote a deeper understanding of the potential and value of locally produced cloth. We aspire to create new opportunities for small businesses and artisans to thrive economically, and to create more opportunities for fiber farmers to get higher value for their fiber by expanding the range of products made with locally-grown animal and plant fibers. We encourage textile production practices that nurture the health of our ecosystems, including plant-based dyes, zero-waste designs, and regenerative agricultural practices.