Uprise! Youth Activism Camp

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Heri Hawthorn


Plainfield, Vermont

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  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

Uprise! Youth Activism Camp exists to nurture and support a growing network of creative and empowered revolutionary young people who are working and organizing for justice.  We do this work to build multi-generational strength, commuinity and reciprocity.Uprise! Camp focuses on engaging Youth in creative, heartfelt community experiences that center justice, art and direct action. At Uprise! youth are supported in leading their own workshops as well as building the skills they're most interested in; From Non-violent Direct Action and Know Your Rights Trainings, street-theater and  printmaking workshops, and other action skillshares like climbing, scouting, banner drops. Youth engage in addressing gender and sexuality, working with local indigenous elders and racial justice educators, building commitment to a culture of consent and communication, broadening an understanding of how people are coping through the climate turbulence, and practicing breaking barriers and trusting each other in these wild and changing times.We believe that this framework of action education and heart-work provides a necessary function in the global Youth organizing movement. We connect with other Youth organizations such as the newly-formed Youth Organizing Network, Youth Lobby, Youth Climate Leaders Academy, Outright VT, and Drawdown to add to the activism opportunities, education and outlets offered to Youth.