United Youth Empowerment Services

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Omar Hassan


Lewiston, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies
  • Food
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to teach youth, young adults and their families about how to create compelling videos and movies and photography exhibits to inspire, excite, and educate refugee community members about issues (racism) and challenges (lead paint, healthy housing, raising community voices, civic engagement) and opportunities (learning technology based broadcast arts, writing and presenting PSAs, learning how to be a radio and TV host) and celebrations (weddings, graduation ceremonies, annual harvest celebrations, annual soccer championships) and charitable services (no-charge photos and short videos for low income refugees to use in job applications, send home to relatives and friends as a present, and to use in their own homes as a reminder of their legal status in the community). We are using video and photography to help with legal documents, job applications, college applications and grant applications. Our overall goal is to teach video production, editing, and showcasing of community and refugee talents and achievements to raise up respect for our culture and our community person by person, group by group, family by family. Starting in 2023, we have advanced to hosting soccer and basketball games and tournements and it has opened a whole new avenue of ways to support their growth and development. Soccer and Basketball are the favored sports and because our first annial tournament engaged over 300 teens, the younger kids are clammoring for their turn.