Transition Town Jericho (TTJ)

At A Glance


Laura Markowitz


Jericho, Vermont

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Living Economies
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Land & Water

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Core volunteers:


  • Extra Row vounteers harvest squash
  • A presentation on Hardwick’s food hub

Our Purpose

Our group’s big picture goal is to work towards building greater town resiliency; local food security is our rallying issue in seeking wider participation in general. The original mission of Transition Town Jericho (TTJ) is even more relevant now: “to unleash the collective skills and resources in our town and support grassroots community projects…we strive to nourish, celebrate and sustain each other as a community, preparing ourselves for whatever the future holds.” The future looks grimmer than it did when we developed our mission statement in 2017; since then a pandemic, more wars, and climate disruptions all affect growing food, transporting food and feeding people. Though our food supply seems stable for now, relying heavily on food imports jeopardizes our future safety and resiliency. In 2023, the Town of Jericho's Select board suggested TTJ take steps toward establishing a Food Hub task force; at Town Meeting day in 2023, a non-binding resolution was passed, reading: “We the citizens of Jericho propose the formation of Jericho as a vital Food Hub for the citizens of its town and environs. A Food Hub task force will be established, with the goal of increasing food self-sufficiency via the production, manufacture and distribution of local food.” Thus, while TTJ remains strongly committed to building resiliency in Jericho via education and action, its newest goal is organizing within Jericho, to develop a thriving Food Hub.