The Scientific Alliance for Education

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to educate the Selectmen and residents of the town of Sheffield and Berkshire County about the hazards surrounding electronic frequencies (5G and smart meters particularly). We are working locally with and a national group to amass scientific data on the hazards of these frequencies to humans, bees, trees and the environment, as well as the assault on the landscape as the myriad of 5G poles will overpopulate the area.  We also are working with the Berkshire Litchfield Environmental Council whose specialty is electromagnetic frequency health hazards, and the Massachusetts For Safe Technology group. We collaborate with the Environmental Health Trust a national organization, and the American's for Responaible Technology and their 75+ national grass roots organizations who are working to educated about the effects of wireless technology. An arm of S.A.F.E. has been instrumental in CT for getting GMO labeling laws passed.