The Race Against Racism VT

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Heather McLane


Montpelier, Vermont

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  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

The 4th annual Race Against Racism is organized by a group of youth leaders who strive to bring together the Vermont community to fight for racial justice. We are a group of Washington County students who collaborate to organize an anti-racist event over the course of a year. Through our event we try to further the conversation about race through a rally, 5k run/walk, speakers and more. Our goal as a group of students is to get other high school students, sports teams and people of all ages to come together to fight for racial justice in an informational, fun and collaborative way. We want to engage students that are not involved in activism and help to raise their awareness about racial justice. In addition, we are trying to help people who normally don’t identify as anti-racist come see themselves as part of an anti racist community.