The Nolumbeka Project, Inc.

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Greenfield, Massachusetts

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  • Environmental Health
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food

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Our Purpose

We recognize the importance of a relationship to nature that serves all beings and that mirrors the constant flow of the cycles of life, and we seek to exemplify this attitude in our care of the land we steward. We provide logistical support for people of Northeastern Native American tribes to share their worldview, history, art and craftwork, music, and storytelling. We collaborate with tribal members to offer the broader community access to Indigenous educators, artisans, and authors, and a glimpse into an Indigenous worldview that acknowledges the inter-relatedness of all beings and the appropriate role of humans. With this specific project, we seek to increase awareness of the threats to pollinators, their importance to ecosystem health, their reciprocal relationship with humans, and how to support them.