The Good Food Good Medicine Program, A Food Justice Program of Highgate Non-Profit in Barre, VT

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Sandra Lory


Barre, Vermont

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food

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  • 2017

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Our Purpose

The purpose of our program is to increase food self-reliance through hands-on food justice education in Barre, Vermont. Our goals: 1) Facilitate hands-on food education in growing and eating fresh garden produce, as well as to creatively navigate local food resources like gleaning, barter, and food drops 2) Increase nutritional literacy and fresh foods knowledge of children and adults through culturally appropriate, economically accessible, relevant, hands on curriculum 3) Reclaim traditional food practices and knowledge of backyard herbal remedies for the health of body, community and the environment 4) Cultivate a safe and inclusive learning environment rooted in solidarity-not-charity that fosters communtiy building, resilience and empowerment 5) Encourage leadership and peer education amongst all participants

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