The Garden Project

At A Glance


Amanda Franz


Worcester, Vermont

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Environmental Health

Active since:


Tax Status:

  • four AFAB people, one mixed-race Latina and three white, two Non-Binary, stand at the edge of a patch of garlic. The person at the far left holds the first bulb of the harvest.
  • Two white folx, one AFAB, one AMAB, sit around a low table outside on a porch.  The table is covered with multicolored beans, cutting boards, jars being filled and jars already full.  They are making dilly beans.
  • From a distance, there are many human bodies in a freshly plowed field.  Two white folx stand closer to the camera around a large uncovered rock in the ground.  All folx have their arms raised in a star like celebration.

Our Purpose

Our Mission: We offer food, connection and skill building to people interested in growing resilience and supporting equitable food justice through a community garden project centered in practicing relationship to all life. Our Vision: The Garden Project is a place where we come together in reverent cultivation of growth. We hold equitable food justice as central to resilience, and seek to resource communities through collective sharing of food and skills. As bodies touching ground, relationship is central to all that we do. We practice deep listening - to the land, to the plants, to the ancestral knowing we move with, to our embodied awareness, and to one another in remembered cycles of connection, creation, and harvest. As we grow together we practice learning, unlearning, reckoning, and repair. We strive to nurture sovereign and reciprocal systems of nourishment in right relationship to the Land and to the Land’s rightful inhabitants, the Abenaki People. From the individual to the collective, the Garden is a place where we ground to plant and tend the seeds of our resilience.