The Community Compost Depot Incorporated

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Michael Bradlee


Providence, Rhode Island

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food
  • Environmental Health
  • Land & Water
  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower local communities to manage their organic materials and reduce waste for their benefit, and for the benefit of the environment and the local economy. We create access to resources, including Community Compost Depots, provide education and training for developing and establishing organics recycling and composting programs, in order to address the preponderance of clean organic discards mixed with trash and sent to the landfill, and to address local food security. We operate the State of Rhode Island's first and largest Community Compost Depot, serving about 400 residents in the Providence area. We create local community access points which allows area residents an affordable option for recycling their organics, regardless of ability to pay for services. A portion of the compost created by our partner, Earth Appliance Organics, is returned to program members, for their own use or for donation to an elegable garden or community organization. We provide an essential service, that reduces waste, increases food security, provides jobs, expands community awareness and institutional knowledge, including Best Practices for managing post consumer organic materials sustainably, for the bettererment of the environment, the economy and the community.