The Collective Peace Dale

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Sarah Markey


South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food

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  • Mural Painting Event

Our Purpose

The Collective is an organizing, community, and bookstore space with the goal of anti-racist and liberatory politics and practice. We want to create a space where community and co-workers strive to make the space not only inclusive and welcoming for all marginalized people while also centering the needs and perspectives of marginalized people. (whether they are marginalized by class, race, immigration status, sexuality, gender identity, ability level, etc.)  We host events, support allies in campaigns that align with our mission, conduct organizing and leadership development trainings, and try and maintain a flexibility so that actions can be influenced by volunteers engaging with us.Our mutual aid group and free store is also very close to our hearts. Our goal is to provide community members with what they need (whether it is money, games and toys, household items, etc.) so that they can have some burden taken off of them. We have scaled back our mutual aid effort to ensure sustainability but both that work and the free community store are thriving. In the past year, we have worked to develop a Youth Fellowship Program that brings together organizational support, training. resources, and the ideas and vision of youth activists. In the summer we host between 8-15 youth fellows and we experimented with fellowships during the rest of the year with 2 fellows in the spring of 2020.