Sustainable Southbury

Our Purpose

Sustainable Southbury exists to advance Southbury towards a Sustainable, Resilient, Net Zero Community.  Sustainable Southbury works to assist, advise, educate, and help drive action by municipal leaders, schools, residents, and businesses.  We are built on the Sustainable CT framework.  Sustainable CT is a very robust roadmap & set of resources to enable local action towards thriving and resilient Connecticut municipalities. Our goal is for Southbury to become a much more sustainable community - one that sustains a vibrant local economy; fosters human health through clean water, air, and healthy soils; provides economic well-being for all; conserves and uses clean energy and transportation, and reduces waste.   We envision and are working towards bottom-up rather than top-down change using tools like the Sustainable CT Equity Toolkit to lead us to a sustainable community that embraces multiple human needs in a collaborative decision-making process to harness the power of the community and help shape our collective, more sustainable future. We are presently working on raising building efficiency, reducing waste, increasing clean energy use, enhancing our local, green economy, improving clean air and water, arts & culture, affordable housing, and increasing clean transportation. You can find out more about us at