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Springfield, Massachusetts

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  • Food
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 Project Summary:The past 3 years we have done a lot of community outreach work throughout Western MA. By attending farmers markets, community events and working beside local organizations all to connect with members of the community.  To collect data through surveys and interviews with on addressing the food crisis (as we like to call it). We definitely see the need for all communities to have access to local fresh produce. That's why delivering produce to those whom have limited transportation and low income to no income has been successful. A mobile vertical grow trailer that would also provide growing access to extend the grow seasoning offering locally grow teas and spices in the off season. This would give us access to grow on our own property verses leasing land which seems to be very difficult along with inflation costs for building materials. This urban inner City  is full of fast food restaurants and overly priced grocery stores. Most of the farmers markets that existed prior to covid are now non-existent or outside of public transportation. There are 2 goverment funded programs that support healthy fresh local produce and so we would like to bring it to the seniors in the community so that this program can continue to receive funds. One is the senior farmer market coupons offered during the summer months for purchases from farms. The other HIP program offered to households receiving SNAP benefits.