Second Church Gardeners

At A Glance


Alphonse Knight


south weymouth, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Land & Water
  • Environmental Health

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  • Ava's Produce 2020
  • Dee's Garden 2020
  • Alphonse's Garden 2020

Our Purpose

As we learn more of how our foods are produced and how the foods are sprayed with herbicide and the various issues with food justice, we feel that it was time to do something to help ourselves. Many of us have a backyard or a friend, so we decided to form Second church gardeners so we can raise food in our back yard to offset what we get from the grocery store so we can improve our food health. As part of our mission, we share some of the produce with our neighbors and those we know that connected to food pantry. Everyone is trained to work his or her own garden and they are supported with the necessary technical help. This method is very helpful to many in the group because they don’t have to go and join a community group at some distance location instead their garden is just outside their window.