Sarepta Women and Children Empowerment Center, Inc.

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Ruchama Viljean


Boston, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies
  • Food
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

The mission of Sarepta Women and Children Empowerment Center, Inc. is to empower and transform the lives of women, children, and families Caribbean, immigrant, and low-income households and communities through education, local community economic development, and policy advocacy. This work is being done through our four (4) main pillars: (1) Obed Eliscar Do No Harm Initiative – creates community and public health awareness, women’s health education, and advocacy; (2) Synergy Partnership – provides housing and economic assistance services through its housing clinic to women and families in need; (3) Local Community Food Delivery Initiative – provides and delivers healthy, culturally adapted, and nutritious foods and meals to households, families, and elderly; and, (4) Care-For-All Prison and Shelter Women Assistance – provides assistance to women in shelters and prisons through access to care packages and health education.