Sabrina's Garden

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Boston, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health

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Tax Status:

  • Community member with bouquets at farmers market
  • Sabrina Planting Flowers in Roxbury
  • Youth Bouquet Making workshop
  • Bee on Sunflower Pollinator activity
  • Pandemic Pick me Ups flower delivery to elder in Dorchester 2021

Our Purpose

Our main goal is to provide organically grown fresh cut local flowers to a community that is often disconnected from nature and educates the public on the importance of purchasing locally grown flowers and increasing pollinator activity in our area. 80 % of flowers are grown overseas in chemical-ridden conditions and in green houses that emit harmful gasses. The rest of that 20 % is grown locally often with organic practices and by farmers that care about the pollinator population. We wanted to be a part of that 20 %. Along with increasing the pollinators we wanted to increase the beauty in our community by adding these beautiful plots of flowers around the city. The flowers have been bringing joy to the Mattapan, Dorchester, and Roxbury Communities for the past 3 years, Local residents not only enjoy our bouquets they enjoy the look of the Micro flower farm in their neighborhood as the flowers add a bit more happiness to the area. We enjoy hosting schools for activities and plan to have community events in the years to come. Our BIG picture of what we are working towards for the years to come is land acquisition where we can have a healing farm where we continue to grow our flowers and herbs but can upscale in our workshops and community healing events and retreats for BIPOC and the HIV positive community connecting them to wellness through gardening as well