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Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

The SabaterLAB Foundation is serving to empower uniquely diverse communities with available resources needed to achieve goals because we believe that in the state of Rhode Island, all communities, including our own resilient, determined, and supportive communities of black, indigenous, people of color and unserved populations deserve accessible, inclusive, and equitable rights to operate and serve effectively, efficiently, and sustainably. Our Mission Statement:Serving to empower uniquely diverse communities by building partnerships, securing funding, running programs, offering integrative services, and providing resources. To accomplish our mission, we intentionally operate to:
  1. Build Partnerships: Connect to local and state agencies and organizations.
  2. Secure Funding: Search for grants and donations to carry out our programs.
  3. Run Programs: Develop programs that are designed to meet the needs of our communities.
  4. Offer Integrative Services: Employ an ecological model and dynamic systems approach that embraces all areas of the community, starting with individuals.
  5. Provide Resources: Stand up for equitable access to sustainable skills, strategies, and means to accomplish personal, professional, communal, and cultural goals, seeing this through past conception.