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Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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  • Living Economies
  • Food
  • Climate Change & Energy

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  • Fall Planting:  90lbs of Garlic
  • Everett Preparing the ground!
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Our Purpose

Root 2Empower’s mission is to empower returning citizens in the Urban Core of RI. OBJECTIVE 1: Develop the skills of beginning farmers through formal training and internships in sustainable urban agriculture.OBJECTIVE # 2: Assist beginning urban farmers to overcome barriers to urban farming, including access to land, access to capital and credit, and access to markets.OBJECTIVE 3: Support the expansion of urban agriculture activities in and around urban areas of RI, creating mentored jobs for beginning urban farmers, while supplying fresh produce to food-insecure communities.OBJECTIVE #4: Roots 2Empower will utilize a cooperative business model to become financially self-sustaining. OBJECTIVE #5: To support basic needs, as well as address food insecurity and homelessness.