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Reading, Massachusetts

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  • Living Economies
  • Land & Water
  • Climate Change & Energy

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Our Purpose

Ridj-it aims to make the outdoors as accessible as possible. So far we've done this through event booking and carpooling tools. Over 2,000 rides to outdoor recreations in every state of New England have been posted on the platform (www.ridj-it.com). Last fall we ran the Mountain Flyer pilot program (https://themountainflyer.com/) which provided round-trip recreation transportation from Boston to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 70% POC and an average age of 29 was our average rider, and this blows regular White Mountain demographics out of the water since this tends to skew white and older. Any funding potentially received would be used to expand this pilot into the summer to provide reliable, predictable, and accessible transportation from urban to rural areas, specifically on the Boston to White Mountain route.