Riders Action Council

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Adam Thielker


Worcester, Massachusetts

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  • Climate Change & Energy

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be an advocacy voice in transportation justice. We strive to give bus riders, specifically transit-dependent folks, a voice in policy decisions with an aim towards expanding access, coverage and service conditions on public transit across Central Massachusetts. Created in 2018 and expanded over the past 4 years, we have grown to a capacity where our operations can no longer be supported out-of-pocket. As bus riders, we understand the system in anecdotal ways, but as advocates we understand the politics and analysis behind decisions. With a robust network of connections in regional government and the public transit advocacy community, we have been pivotal in the process of maintianing the zero-fare policy on WRTA buses. We have not had enough bandwidth or funding to hold meetings and hearings with riders to talk about their stories and ideas, but we are looking towards transitioning into much more direct engagement if we can secure funding.The RAC is seeking funding to reach out with in-person meetings held on a regular basis in order to engage as many riders as possible and mobilize their concerns into action items and policy ideas.