Resilient Roots

At A Glance


Kristie Kapp


West Barnstable, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health
  • Food
  • Land & Water
  • Climate Change & Energy

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Core volunteers:


  • Creating a Food Forest
  • Gardens at Homeless Not Hopeless
  • Planting Fruit Tree Guilds
  • Kids planting Trees
  • Teaching veggie gardening
  • volunteers at a permablitz

Our Purpose

Most people today live on land that has been “remodeled” to create a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing. The result is a damaged ecological food web & people disempowered and unengaged w/ the land or growing their own food. We started Resilient Roots (RR) in 2018 to show people that they can grow food, have a beautiful yard teeming w/ life, support insect & wildlife populations, & protect water resources.RR is creating a regenerative garden education hub at Fuller Farm to demonstrate how to reintroduce native & edible plants into backyards & parks. We show people how to plant landscapes that produce food & empower people to engage with the land while becoming more food self-sufficient. Some people have the funds & time to attend workshops & volunteer but we are also interested in working w/ those who don't have that option.  We partnered w/ Homeless Not Hopeless, creating gardens & providing garden education at two of their homes. Also, we are creating community gardens at homes of Habitat of Cape Cod, in coordination w/ the residents. Reaching out to these populations is an important part of our mission.People are interested in growing their own food to be more self-sufficient, to help mitigate climate change, to alter the way they consume, & to have a positive impact on the planet. We plan to be at our Fuller Farm location to demonstrate & facilitate these societal shifts for decades.