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Robbie Goodrich


Waterbury, Connecticut

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health
  • Living Economies
  • Climate Change & Energy

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Our Purpose

R.A.C.C.E. is a Waterbury-based education advocacy organization that organizes students, parents, and educators to fight for racial justice in our schools and community. Our organizing strategy is anchored in an anti-racist framework that focuses on building power through the development of equitable relationships with members of the BIPOC community in Waterbury.  We engage a theory of change that includes building power by using justice-centered activities that will increase the equitable sharing of resources and reduce the disproportionate burdens that systemic racism unfairly places on Black and Brown folx.  We strategically use political education to share issue-related content to conduct community outreach and engagement as a primary tool in connecting impacted parties to solution-based processes.  We provide our members and supporters with advocacy training, support and tools that allow their lived experiences to be centered in our communities collective efforts to improve Waterbury. We guide our membership(15 to 30 yr olds) in creating public facing communications that embed the lived experiences of Black and Brown youth and families as well as our members into the short and long term advocacy efforts to address racism, white supremacy, anti-blackness, environmental (in)justice in our schools and community by transforming policy and programmatic decision-making to be more capable of advancing racial equity and social justice.