PVD Things

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Sarah Summers


Providence, Rhode Island

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

PVD Things is a community lending library for tools and other useful things. At the core of our work, we are focused on empowerment, access and community. Empowerment: The majority of the things we offer are tools, because we see tools as one of the keys to empowering people to make changes in their homes and communities. Home disrepair and condition of community public space is an ever present issue in many parts of Providence; access to tools removes a key barrier to maintaining and creating, allowing community members to create the changes that they want to see. Access: PVD Things allows community members to pool resources; instead of everyone owning a table saw or a pop-up tent, the community can share these physical items so that consumer waste is reduced while access is boosted. In addition to tools, PVD Things also prioritizes stocking items that might be a barrier to participation for someone who wants to cultivate a new hobby, skill or income source. Things like camping tents, photography gear and specialty cooking items open up a new world of possibilities for people interested in developing new skills and passions without laying out a lot of upfront investment.Community: Finally, PVD Things is a space for the community. PVD Things is a place where neighbors can gather to meet each other, bridge gaps within neighborhoods, get involved in a community project, learn new skills from each other, and access the resources needed to create, build, and play together.